Desktop virtualization at Gübau
Growth-capable IT out of the box

With EIKONA Logistics desktop virtualization, the server move succeeds in record time.

  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Flexible rental model
  • Custom application hosting

Keeping pace with a company growth that had exceeded all expectations - this was the challenge Gübau Logistics faced shortly before the start of the cooperation with EIKONA Logistics. With the desktop virtualization of the system house, further growth reserves are now flexibly available.

What was the challenge Gübau had to overcome?

Basically, Gübau had set up its IT systems in an exemplary manner during the setup. High-performance hardware and a central infrastructure with terminal servers at the company headquarters and the connection of all locations to the company headquarters optimally fulfilled the planned requirements. But then the company's soaring success pushed the IT infrastructure to its performance limits well before the scheduled replacement, and a quick remedy became necessary.

Solution: Create long-term partnership and growth reserves

Until the cooperation with EIKONA Logistics, the company had administered its hardware infrastructure in-house, implemented a coherent operating concept and pursued a medium-term investment plan. When rapid success stretched its own infrastructure to beyond capacity, EIKONA Logistics not only provided highly available and significantly more powerful hardware clusters at short notice. The IT investments of the logistics company were also secured in a long-term partnership. And with the desktop virtualization of the system house, further growth reserves are now flexibly available.

Through the cooperation with EIKONA Logistics, we have secured the investments in our IT infrastructure. The growth of our group of companies is thus supported at all times. With desktop virtualization, new PC workstations are now available to us in a short time - our IT has never been so flexible.
ppa. Hartmuth Wenzel
Head of IT department at Gübau Logistics

Server migration in record time

EIKONA Logistics had the right offer with the standard product desktop virtualization and was able to deliver at short notice: In close cooperation with Gübau-IT, the specialists of the system house moved all applications of the logistics company to the servers in the EIKONA Logistics data center in Nuremberg in only three weeks - including the self-programmed warehouse management program and the transport management system Winsped from LIS. "Normally, we carry out such a project over three months," reports Sebastian Kremer, Chief Engineer Data Center.

Licenses assumed, investments protected

An additional special feature: In order to optimally protect Gübau's investments, the system house has largely taken over the logistics provider's hardware and licenses into its own operations. "For this purpose, we have agreed with Microsoft on the transfer of the existing software licenses to us," explains Sebastian Kremer. In addition, EIKONA Logistics has created an individual calculation for billing with Gübau. Usually, the scope of services for desktop virtualization within the flexible rental model includes all required basic software licenses, such as Office 365.

Noticeable acceleration through desktop virtualization

Project goals achieved with flying colors: measured values and feedback from Gübau confirm that many employees can now complete their tasks around 1.5 hours faster per day with the EIKONA systems. In addition, the company has already connected another new location since then. And the setup of new workstations was additionally simplified with the concept of desktop virtualization. This is because Gübau now uses maintenance-free thin clients at most workstations, which EIKONA Logistics also offers as an option for each booked workstation in a bundle with mouse, monitor and keyboard. The advantage of this solution is obvious: New end devices are connected to the company network directly out of the box within a few minutes and a new user is thus immediately ready for use.

The advantages for logistics

  • Increased efficiency of processes
  • Resources expandable at any time
  • Low costs and administrative effort
About the company

Gübau Logistics

For over six decades, the name Gübau Logistics has stood for quality and service in logistics and freight forwarding. As an independent, medium-sized company, customer satisfaction is of strategic importance. With over 250 dedicated employees at its locations throughout Germany, Gübau Logistics specializes in modern, intelligent logistics solutions. Solutions that they customize for their customers in the automotive, chemical and other industries.

What is desktop virtualization?

Desktop virtualization offloads applications and operating systems to powerful terminal environments. Companies thus save on expensive powerful desktop PCs and work with maintenance-free thin clients, laptops or existing older PCs. The terminal devices used do not require powerful hardware or storage capacity, as this is provided via the servers for the individual workstations. Desktop virtualization saves costs and administrative effort and ensures high availability and performance.

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