Workflow app returns to EIKONA Logistics: Joint venture with Daimler Truck AG

On the left, the white lettering HABBL on a dark blue background. On the right, a hand with a mobile phone and a road map underneath.

The HABBL app developed in Volkach is returning to its developer after almost five years. Fleetboard Logistics GmbH has been renamed EIKONA Mobile Apps GmbH, which is now a joint venture between EIKONA AG and Daimler Truck AG. In future, EIKONA will drive forward operational management and product development. While Daimler Truck remains an anchor investor and strategic partner.

After the HABBL app developed by EIKONA Logistics was sold to Daimler Truck AG in March 2019, the two companies have now decided to form a joint venture: EIKONA Mobile Apps GmbH will be the name of the company that develops and distributes HABBL. The application for mobile workflows is thus returning to the operational control of the software manufacturer. Manuel Drescher will be responsible for the company's fortunes as Managing Director, as was previously the case with Fleetboard Logistics GmbH. 

The background to this decision is the respective thematic strategy of the two partners. In future, Daimler Truck AG will focus more on vehicle-related scalable services, whereas EIKONA, with its focus on customised logistics processes and solutions, is ideally suited to further developing the app. HABBL will be integrated into the EIKONA Logistics Cloud in future and, as a mobile workflow app, is the perfect complement to the existing modules. For the customers of Fleetboard Logistics GmbH, nothing will change in the new EIKONA Mobile Apps GmbH. The contracts will be continued. As the development site for the software remained in Volkach even after the sale to Daimler Truck AG, there will be no changes in terms of location. The Fleetboard Logistics development team will remain in the renamed company, which is still based in Volkach. Product management, sales and project management will move to EIKONA.

Stronger logistics solutions from a single source 

HABBL simplifies procedures and processes for anyone who uses lorries and transports goods. Using the app reduces the susceptibility to errors in transport processes and therefore also costs. "We recognise that the demands on logistics are becoming increasingly complex. With the return of the HABBL app to us as a software developer, we have now created the best conditions for expanding the app's areas of application and positioning it as a strong addition to our module environment in the EIKONA Logistics Cloud. This enables us to offer our demanding users greater added value," explains Executive Board Member of EIKONA Bastian Späth. In this way, customers receive even better customised solutions, especially in conjunction with the supplementary software products from the EIKONA Logistics Cloud.

Workflows ensure greater process reliability - in every language

HABBL has been making the day-to-day work of logistics experts easier since 2016 - and in any desired language. The app for mobile workflows can control all work steps that accompany the transport process and is particularly impressive thanks to its user-friendliness, including step-by-step instructions. Companies can create their own workflows without any programming effort. The app is just as easy to access in the lorry, namely via mobile devices or vehicle telematics with an Android operating system. In this way, HABBL is making an important contribution to the digitalisation of transport processes.