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Sebastian Kremer
Warning about a hacked system on monitor of a logistics company

In the past year (we reported in October 2017), EIKONA Logistics has made significant improvements and enhancements to the storage technology in the data centre by completely switching to NVMe SSD storage. The EIKONA Logistics system house will also tackle the continuous further development in 2018. The renewal and improvement of the firewall technology is planned for the first half of the year. The corresponding hardware components have already been procured and are currently undergoing the final tests for use in the data centre.

Soon your data will be protected by a "Next Generation Firewall" cluster. This offers a first-class intrusion prevention system, cloud sandboxing, dual virus protection as well as web and app control functionalities. The firewall is capable of independently identifying the source of an infection and, in response, automatically restricting the access of this source to other network resources. Through central administration, it is also possible to control several firewall components simultaneously. This is a feature that is important to EIKONA Logistics, as hardware components, as usual, are always designed redundantly and thus a second firewall component can already be installed.

EIKONA Logistics supports the funding programme Digitalbonus.Bayern

With this programme, the Free State of Bavaria wants to support small and medium-sized enterprises to equip themselves for the challenges of the digital world. The Digital Bonus enables companies to digitalise themselves through hardware and software and to improve IT security. The programme is divided into different areas and includes funding of up to two million euros.