Successful training at EIKONA Logistics

Trainees with trainers at the award ceremony for the successful completion of their training at EIKONA Logistics.

Best in class despite Corona

"We have been training for twelve years and this year we even have a best in class among our trainees. We are particularly proud of this", says René Wagenhäuser, Head of Logistics IT and authorised signatory of EIKONA Logistics. Besides Niels Matei, Karin Lesin and Nicolas Markert also successfully completed their training as IT specialists this year. They will also work for EIKONA Logistics after their graduation. "We were integrated into the team right from the start and were allowed to take on our own projects. Especially before the exams, our colleagues gave us special support," Matei reports.

"The graduates were so fit that we were able to involve them in our larger customer projects very early on. For example, they successfully worked on the installation and commissioning of new WLAN infrastructures in large central warehouses. That is why I am particularly pleased that they will remain with us after their training," enthuses Wagenhäuser.

Training as an IT specialist for system integration usually takes three years. The trainees learn everything about computer networks, computers and servers. The final projects of the newly qualified system administrators were in the areas of HA next-generation firewall clusters, mobile device management solutions and certified WLAN environments.