No more support for Windows 7

Logo of Windows 7 which stands for the support setting of the operating system.

The date for the end of support for Windows 7 on 14 January 2020 has been known since the introduction of the operating system. Windows 7 was in so-called mainstream support for five years, during which it also received bug fix updates. This was followed by another five years in which Microsoft distributed security updates for the operating system.

As the continued operation of Windows 7 without security updates poses a high - and with time increasing - security risk, it is recommended to either switch to a new device with the latest operating system or to change the operating system.

EIKONA Logistics advises: Change operating system and carry out regular software updates.
The most obvious is to switch to Windows 10, which itself is described by Microsoft as the "most secure Windows ever".
It has comprehensive end-to-end protection such as antivirus, firewall, internet protection and much more.

Always keep all your devices up to date in the future by regularly patching the software you use. Furthermore, you should create a complete backup of your data before switching to a new PC or a new operating system.

EIKONA Logistics advises and supports you during the changeover.