Enterprise Monitoring with Zabbix

Screenshot from software solution Zabbix which EIKONA Logistics uses for enterprise monitoring

Being able to see at a glance how your IT systems, networks or software platforms are doing is extremely important for all our customers.And for this there is monitoring that quickly detects problems and vulnerabilities - preferably early on, before they have an impact on operations. Then we can also avoid bottlenecks in hardware and licensing resources. In addition, this also helps to prevent over-provisioning of components such as CPU and RAM, which you don't even notice in your day-to-day business. After all, performance is the most important thing. Hardly anyone pays attention to whether unused resources are provided for this - which you still have to pay for. In addition, monitoring provides proof for you and your customers that all systems are running stably and are available. All this is possible with the Enterprise Monitoring System Zabbix. EIKONA Logistics has been using this professional solution for all its customers and supported systems (hardware + software) successfully for more than five years. No matter if in the EIKONA Logistics data centre, at your site or in a cloud - the answer is always Zabbix. Each of our technicians, developers and customers can rely on the permanent real-time monitoring with alerts around the clock. In addition, the operation of Zabbix at your company, for example, is completely free of charge!