Employee retention: How to create the framework for home office workplaces!

Home office job takes higher priority among applicants during job hunt.

Why you should look into the topic of home office

In fact, the desire for a home office is greater than ever. More and more professionals insist on being able to work from home, otherwise employment is out of the question. Experience shows that job advertisements with the option of home office receive significantly more applications. For young parents in particular, the home office is the only way to return to work quickly and extensively.

Enterprises are sceptical

You too? Understandably so. Dwindling opportunities for control and declining productivity are understandable fears. But did you know that some of your employees spend half of their time at work doing things other than their actual tasks?

Home Office Control

The EIKONA Logistics system gives you the possibility to log all activities at a workplace with the monitoring function. This provides you with a record of the working hours performed at home and, if necessary, you can prove the extent to which your employees are working for the company. Your employees are required to document the beginning and end of their working hours, breaks and other interruptions - in case of inactivity, the user can optionally be logged out automatically. Following a ruling by the European Court of Justice, employers are to be obliged to systematically record all working hours of their employees. With desktop virtualisation, you are on the safe side and can also ensure that rest periods are observed by preventing logging in at certain times.

EIKONA Logistics creates the technical prerequisite for home office

With the system, operating systems and applications are managed centrally by your IT department or, if you wish, by EIKONA Logistics. With virtual desktops, your employees are provided with up-to-date systems at all times, your data is held centrally and backups also take place centrally. In addition, in case of theft or loss, the connections to the company network can be deactivated, thus ensuring data protection and data security. You have full control, because as soon as a user starts working, you can see this in your monitoring software.

Unpack, switch on, workplace

With desktop virtualisation, you rent IT workstations from us "out of the box". In addition to a so-called thin client with keyboard and mouse for the office workstation, the service bundle also includes the virtual desktop or terminal server including basic office software from our data centre. You rent all these services for a low monthly fee. And the added bonus: you can flexibly register or deregister users month after month. When the hardware arrives, everything is very simple: unpack, plug in, switch on - and get started: Your workstation is set up and ready to go.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Attractive employer
  • Mobile and connected employees
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Savings in office space
  • Reduced hardware and software costs
  • Reduced network costs