Constantly on the move on the net? You bet!

Employee enters encrypted password into keyboard using password tool.

With the number of logins you need, it quickly adds up to a lot. The market therefore offers various tools to keep track and make it easier for you to handle your access data. With our many years of experience, we will be happy to support you in finding the right tool or security concept for you. For example, we have tested the free password vault KeePass ourselves. It can be installed quickly, easily and clearly, and is ideally suited for daily use. Additional free add-ons spice up the tool's possibilities: An automatic password check, for example, checks misuse databases for logins stored in the safe. This way, you will know immediately if your accounts have been hacked or disclosed. If this is the case, immediate action is required. In this case, change your access data immediately. Even if the requirements become more difficult, we will find the right tool for you. For example, when it comes to linking the passwords with the Windows accounts of the users, providing audit and logging options, setting up self-service portals or one-time passwords for one-time use. Then so-called enterprise password management systems come into play. We ourselves, for example, use the tool Passwordstate from the manufacturer Clickstudios.