What is Power BI integration?

Power BI integration is used to share knowledge and information between employees and departments in an organisation. It enables standardised process steps - from resource planning and work scheduling to the performance of tasks to drive customer satisfaction. Continuous optimisation begins with the constant analysis of processes using predefined KPIs. Business intelligence (BI) uses this information to analyse business and work processes at a company. Logistics service providers can see the revenue generated with individual customers or can track whether shipments will arrive on time if the scheduled route is followed. With Microsoft's Power BI, logistics companies can provide interactive dashboards and reports on process efficiency along with revenue structure shipment data. This is a collection of BI tools that, being browser-based, can easily be used using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model on various end devices, including mobile ones. This allows users to prepare results, use the tools intuitively and share data analyses with others as appropriate.

Goal: more collaboration through Power BI

The benefit of Power BI is its independence from software that needs to be installed and that requires IT expertise to maintain. That makes it easy for all employees to integrate, prepare, model and visualise data. No special knowledge is required. The cloud-based software solution uses SharePoint to make it easier to collaborate with customers and other logistics network partners. Companies can integrate resource planning and customer information systems into Power BI via interfaces.

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