“Digital Jetzt”

It makes even more sense to make your logistics digital with funding from the German Federal Ministry of Economics

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Investing in a digital transformation pays even bigger dividends today. You can receive up to € 50,000 in subsidies from the Federal Economics Ministry's "Digital Jetzt" funding programme.

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“Digital Jetzt”
Who can apply for funding?

The "Digital Jetzt" funding programme targets small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that meet the following criteria:


Companies with 3-499 employees (at the time of application)


The incentives are not tied to a particular industry (i.e. also open to trade businesses and liberal professions).


The establishment receiving the investment must be located in Germany.

Funding Module 1:
Digital technologies

Funding is available for investments in digital technologies to build a company's internal and external network. They include cloud applications, big data and artificial intelligence. License fees can also be subsidised for twelve months. The minimum funding for this module on its own or in combination with Module 2 (employee training) is € 17,000.

Funding Module 2:
Employee training

At least € 3,000 in funding will be made available in Module 2 for training employees in the use of digital technologies (including basic digital skills for work).

It pays to be fast!
Up to € 50,000 grant for companies

Companies can get up to € 50,000 in subsidies for their investments through "Digital Jetzt". Value chains and/or value networks can even receive up to € 100,000 in funding.

The funding rate varies depending on company size.

  • Up to 50 employees: up to 40%
  • Up to 250 employees: up to 35%
  • Up to 499 employees: up to 30%

Is more possible?

Companies can receive additional funding in certain circumstances.


Companies can receive a higher funding rate if they invest in IT security (including data protection).


Companies in economically underdeveloped regions receive higher subsidies.


Companies can receive a higher funding rate if they invest in a digitalisation project along with other companies in the same value chain and/or value network.

Submit the application and receive “Digital Jetzt” funding

You can submit your digitalisation plan and apply for funding via the Digital Jetzt funding portal. The Federal Economics Ministry website provides guides and instructions for filling out the applications.

Due to high demand, applications are selected in a monthly lottery (random algorithm-based process). The available funds will be distributed among all registered participants on the 15th of the month.

Applications are reviewed and approved following the procedure. If your company was not selected, you will have another chance the following month.

Frequently asked questions

The investment project must not be started before approval is given.

Submit your request in time.

The project must be implemented within 12 months of approval.

Plan carefully in advance.

It must be possible to demonstrate the use of the grant funds.

Make sure you have adequate documentation.

It is not possible to submit multiple applications simultaneously.

Think carefully about which project you want to focus on.

The “Digital Jetzt” grant runs until the end of 2023.

Get everything in early; your project will have to go through the lottery first.

Grant Modules 1 and 2 can be combined.

Look into whether this makes sense for you.

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