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Your safe way to the Whistleblower Protection Directive

Fulfil your legal obligations with our whistleblower software. Find out about the Whistleblower Protection Directive now and start protecting your whistleblowers!

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  • Optional anonymous incident report
  • Also suitable for implementing the LkSG
  • Protected environment according to DSGVO (end-to-end)
  • Portal with your logo and corporate design
  • Extensively customisable and expandable
  • Easily memorable web address: firma.hinweisplattform.de

Protection for whistleblowers under the Whistleblower Protection Directive through software

Achieve optimal compliance and promote a transparent corporate culture with our whistleblower software. This solution not only offers protection in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Directive, but also a secure and anonymous reporting platform for your employees. Prevent unlawful behaviour and promote ethical behaviour in your company. Our whistleblower software is easy to use and offers comprehensive data protection features. Strengthen the trust of your employees and protect your company.

Benefits of whistleblower software

Make your organisation safer and more transparent. Our whistleblower software provides an anonymous reporting channel that builds trust with your employees. Prevent costly breaches and protect your reputation. Our software enables you to respond quickly to potential issues and manage them effectively. With full regulatory compliance, it offers the highest standards of security.

We help you comply with the
Whistleblower Protection Directive.

With the operation of a
whistleblower portal.

Software as a service

We take care of the infrastructure management, security, maintenance and updates of the software.

Highest security

The whistleblower system is compliant with the GDPR, the EU Directive and is hostet in Germany.

Intuitive functions

The software guides the reporting person step-by-step through the process.


We introduce users to the software so that you can use its functions and possibilities and quickly become productive.


We offer you fast response times and professional support.


Individual training enables users to make the most of the software's functionality and improve their workflows.

Reduce your risk
with our whistleblower system

With our whistleblower portal, you create trust and ensure transparency. As an early warning system, the platform helps to identify problems in time. This way, you can initiate immediate measures through internal investigations to avoid third-party involvement.

Below you will find our packages and prices. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

for companies
1 to 49 employees
for companies
50 to 249 employees
for companies
250 to 499 employees
(1) All prices are exclusive of VAT. We reserve the right to make price changes.
(2) Plus € 150.00 set-up fee.
(3) Hourly rate for support/training is charged at € 120.00. Billing takes place in quarter-hourly intervals.
(4) Travel costs are payable for distances of 20 km or more.

User-friendly software for easy handling

The user-friendly system is the perfect tool to report confidential information securely. With intuitive features and simple design, it is designed to be easy to use even for technically inexperienced users.


The whistleblower receives a unique case ID when submitting the report and then assigns the password.

Fulfil LkSG requirements -
Supply Chain Act

The Whistleblower Protection Directive and the Supply Chain Act promote transparency and accountability in different areas. The commonality between the two laws is that they aim to protect people and promote accountability in the respective areas. Both the Whistleblower Protection Directive and the Supply Chain Act are designed to help uncover violations of the law, redress grievances and promote compliance. Both laws are part of efforts to promote ethical behaviour and sustainability in companies and supply chains. With our whistleblower software, you will conveniently implement both laws.

Which companies in Germany have to provide a whistleblower platform?

In Germany, the new Whistleblower Protection Directive (HinSchG), which regulates the protection of whistleblowers, came into force on 02 July 2023. According to this law, certain companies must set up an internal reporting office (whistleblower platform) to enable employees to report grievances anonymously. The obligation to establish a whistleblower platform applies to companies above a certain size and in certain industries. Here are the main criteria that must be met for a company in Germany to provide a whistleblower platform:

1. Size of the company: The Whistleblower Protection Directive (HinSchG) applies to companies with more than 50 employees as a rule. Smaller companies are exempt from this obligation.

2. industry: The law applies to companies, regardless of the number of employees, in certain industries where there is an increased risk of breaches of legislation. These include financial services, insurance, telecommunications, energy, transport, healthcare and public procurement.

It is important to note that the Whistleblower Protection Directive (HinSchG) contains additional requirements and recommendations for the establishment and operation of whistleblower platforms, such as anonymity, confidentiality and protection of whistleblowers against discrimination.

The response times are also regulated by law: The receipt of the report must be confirmed to the whistleblower within seven days. According to the Whistleblower Protection Directive (HinSchG), the whistleblower must be given feedback within a reasonable period of time (max. three months), for example on measures taken.

Whistleblower protection
tips for correct handling

If you want to set up a whistleblower reporting portal, there are some important tips that can help you create an effective and secure system. Here are some recommendations:

1. Communicate clear guidelines

Provide clear guidelines and instructions so that whistleblowers understand what kind of information is expected and how to report it. Also explain the process you will use to handle the tips and clarify response times.

2. Training and awareness raisingTraining and awareness raising

Provide training and awareness-raising for staff to inform them about the whistleblower reporting portal. Also train managers and involved staff on how to deal with the tips received to ensure an appropriate response.

3. Continuous improvement

Monitor and evaluate the whistleblower reporting portal on a regular basis to identify and improve potential weaknesses. Take feedback from whistleblowers and use it to continuously optimise the system and process.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does the system take to implement?

The software may need to be adapted and configured to the specific needs and processes of your organisation. This may include integration with internal systems, customisation of user interfaces and definition of workflows. The start-up of the portal can usually be implemented within 48 hours.

How secure is whistleblower software and are data protection guidelines adhered to?

The software complies with all security standards and is one hundred percent DSGVO compliant. Hosting takes place in Germany.

How is it ensured that whistleblowers remain anonymous?

The transmission and storage of data is protected by strong encryption mechanisms to prevent unauthorised access. The software is designed in such a way that the tips cannot be traced back to the sender. This means that there is no logging of IP addresses or other information that could lead to the identification of the whistleblower.

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