Perfect WLAN for a smart life

Heatmap of a warehouse with the help of which EIKONA Logistics provides network planning, surveying and troubleshooting.

The Internet of Thinks (IoT) is on everyone's lips and so is everyone: devices that can communicate with the WLAN. Due to the increasing networking of devices, data and people, pitfalls lurk in the implementation of IoT projects, which is why in-depth know-how and sufficient practical experience are indispensable.

The trend of the Internet of Things results in the fact that more and more devices are connected wirelessly. Therefore, it is particularly important that the WLAN functions comprehensively and without interference. Whether in the office, the logistics and production hall or even outdoors: due to the rapidly growing number of WLAN transmitters, clients used and the required bandwidth, sensible pre-planning is imperative.

EIKONA Logistics specialises in network planning, surveying and troubleshooting. The system house professionals ensure, for example, that every pupil will be able to go online in the classroom without restrictions in the future or that the voice transmission for hundreds of pick-by-voice devices in a logistics hall works without interference. But also new functions, such as localisation or telephony via WLAN, require extensive pre-planning. EIKONA Logistics already supports you in the planning of your WLAN project, so that you know exactly how many access points you will need, how many clients can be served, how heavy the traffic will be and what costs you will incur.

But also checking and optimising existing WLAN networks in order to achieve corresponding investment protection is a task that we are happy to take on for our customers.

In summary, EIKONA Logistics offers you all the necessary steps: From planning, measurement and optimisation to the certified implementation of WLAN networks.